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For more than 4 years (as of december 2016), the lectures on "Operating Systems" within the Information Engineering course at the University of Salento have been streamed in real-time to remote users.

So far we are extremely pleased with the students' response to such service and we plan to extend it as much as possible in quality and coverage. We reached a peak of 80 students simultaneously following the course (out of about 130 students enrolled).

Teachers may utilize almost any computer to stream the lecture (e.g. the one he/she uses to present slides). The computer generates an RTMP stream which is sent to the LIIS servers which unicast the stream to all users.

Access to the streams is granted through the MoodLiis e-learning platform (, based on "Moodle" Learning Management System).

Streamed video can be viewed either by a desktop computer or a mobile device, by all major operating system and by an ordinary web browser.

The teacher is allowed to choose what to transmit: the content of the computer's screen, his/her own image or a combination of the two (e.g. the latter in a small frame in a corner over the former, see picture below).

Lectures may be recorded and stored both at the source computer and at the LIIS servers.

Students are allowed to ask questions and interact in real-time with the teacher by a textual chat: this is made possible by the short delay (about 10 s) between real events and their reception.

Below a frame taken from a streamed lecture.

 A frame taken from a streamed lecture

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